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We can coach you across life's GAPs by helping you to align with your God-given purpose in life.

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Our methods...

Three aspects of development:


Understand your unique design.

Learn new skills and deepen your understanding.

Be challenged to stretch into new dimensions of yourself.

Be productive with ultimate fulfillment.

Align your lifestyle and your work with your purpose. Exert your life energies doing things that energize, rather than deplete you.

Take advantage of our free orientation...

The School of Purpose Orientation is a 9 week initiation into your life's purpose!

Discover, understand, and align with your purpose!

This class offers a mix of online assessments and training. Nine weeks is just a suggestion. Move along at your own pace and finish quicker or take a little longer.


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We love working with people of any faith, or no faith...

We especially love sharing our faith in Christ with those who want to hear. 

We have a variety of faith-based, supplemental material for those who desire to know where our purpose comes from!


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Our greatest joy is...

1) Helping people to fully develop their faith in Christ.

2) Helping them to express the fullness of their purpose.


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Nice to meet you!


Coaches Randy and Robin.


We have been successfully serving as life and business leadership development coaches for years. We'd love to help you on your unique journey or to help your employees with theirs.


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Beta Test our School of Purpose Orientation

And get some other great gifts too!

You get understanding into your life's purpose and how to apply it.

In exchange, all we ask is for your to give us honest feedback on the program as it's being developed.


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  • School of Purpose Orientation ($97 value)
  • Our new eBook Pause - An Invitation to Reset ($19 value)
  • Pause audio and video recordings ($67 value)
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